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It is impossible not to be moved by this exquisitely touching story‚ the ultimate love letter from a man to the woman he loves more than life itself‚ written after he discovers she is dying.
′I have to appreciate the story of our love piece by piece to appreciate its full meaning. It′s allowed us to become who we are now‚ living side by side‚ and only for each other ... Lately I′ve fallen in love with you all over again ...′
A year after Letter to D was published‚ a single sheet of paper pinned to the door for the cleaning lady marked the final chapter in a love affair that remained to the end as intense and passionate as their first encounter‚ love at first sight‚ almost 60 years before. In the bedroom lying peacefully side by side were the bodies of author André Gorz and his terminally ill wife Dorine. They simply could not have lived without each other.
But this book is not about death − it′s about life and love‚ and what a love.
Of all the millions of words André Gorz wrote as one of the 20th century′s leading social philosophers‚ pioneering ecologist and associate of Jean−Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir‚ none will be remembered as long as this beautiful and moving tribute to his lover and wife‚ Dorine.

Quero, quero, quero!
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